Understanding the Process Of Having Your Cat Cremated

If you'd like to have your cat cremated, understanding your options will be helpful when making the final arrangements. The loss of your beloved cat can leave you feeling too upset to start researching cat cremation and asking the questions you need answers to, so here is an overview of the process of having your cat cremated from the time of their passing to their commemoration:

Collection Of Your Cat

Your chosen pet cremation company can collect your cat from your home or your veterinarian. Collection can often be arranged for the same day, and your cat will be carefully transported in a carrier to the crematorium. If your cat dies at home, you can contact the pet cremation provider yourself to make arrangements, and if they die at the veterinary surgery, you can let the surgery know which company you want to carry out the cremation, and the surgery will make the collection arrangements on your behalf.  

Cremation Only

Your cat will receive an individual cremation, meaning no other animal will be cremated alongside them. If you do not want the ashes returned to you, the cremation company will scatter them on your behalf. Most providers have a memorial garden where the ashes can be scattered, and you may be able to visit the memorial site if you wish.

Returning The Ashes

If you would like the ashes returned to you, they will be hand-delivered to your home. You can choose to have them delivered in a memorial box that's designed to make scattering the ashes a simple process, or you can have them delivered in an urn if you intend on keeping them. The urn can be engraved with your cat's name or any other details you would like.

Commemorating Your Cat

Some pet cremation companies offer additional commemorative services, which you may wish to consider. For example, it may be possible to receive a framed paw print and lock of hair along with the ashes, or the company may offer a memorial website featuring photos of your cat and a few paragraphs about their personality. It's also possible to upgrade the urn from a basic wooden design to metal, which tends to have a glossy exterior and come in a variety of colour and style options.

Whether you lose your cat unexpectedly or have time to make cremation arrangements, your chosen cremation company will be there to support you through your grief, and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have before finalising the necessary arrangements.