5 Items you Must Carry For Your Dog Boarding Stay

Travelling can be a daunting task for dog owners. Dog boarding, however, makes it easier for them to enjoy a vacation or handle a business trip stress free. If you've used dog boarding before, you may already know what to pack. If your pup is boarding for the first time, however, you may not have any idea of what to pack and what to leave behind. Most facilities cater for your dog's basic needs but you can carry along a few things to make the experience more enjoyable for your dog. Here are a few things to pack:


While your dog will get to interact and play with other dogs, he is still going to miss you. Boarding centres are equipped with different toys for the dogs to play with but pack a few of your dog's favourite toys so that he can still have the home experience away from home. You can also pack an item of clothing belonging to you in order to comfort him with your smell.

Medicines and supplements

Your dog may be on medication or supplements and there is no reason why he should stop taking them during the vacation. The pet sitters at the boarding facility will be more than willing to administer these. All you need to do is provide the instructions on dosage and schedule. You could also pack emergency medication in case your dog has an existing ailment and it's triggered in your absence.


Food is provided at the dog boarding facility but since your dog will be in an unfamiliar environment, they may not be very receptive to new food. Pack enough food to last the entire duration of your dog's stay. You could also pack it in measured amounts such that the pet sitters can tell when your dog is not taking enough.


You understand your dog better than anyone else and you know the things that make him happy. Feel free to pack these treats for your dog so that he can enjoy them after a long day of playing.


Pack at least two leashes in case the caregiver loses one. You can have one short leash and a longer one as well.

Bottom line

Dog boarding centres are designed to make your dog feel as comfortable as possible. Packing the above things will make it easy for your dog to settle in and enjoy the time away from home.