Keeping Kitty Calm and Ready for Boarding

If you're a cat owner and you want to go on holiday, chances are you'll have to leave kitty at home. And that often means finding them somewhere to board, so you can be sure they'll be loved and looked after in your absence.

While some cats take all this in their stride, there are plenty that find any sort of change or upheaval stressful. It's particularly the case if your cat has an anxious nature at the best of times. To make sure the experience of boarding is as stress-free as possible for your little four-legged companion, here are some ways to calm them down before they go on their own holiday.

Use play

Even when cats are stressed, a lot of them can't resist a tempting target. Interactive play can be a great way to make them forget their worries and feel better. It can be useful in the day leading up to sending them off for boarding to increase play and keep your cat busy.

Use treats

A cat too anxious for play might still be tempted into eating their favourite treats. In addition to being a distraction, treats can act as a sign to your cat that everything is okay and you're caring for them. A good time to give a few treats is after the cat has been loaded into the travel crate and during the drive.

Project calmness

Animals are often very perceptive, picking up on the emotions and activity of their human companions. Because of this, your behaviour can go a long way towards calming them when they're stressed. Act normally, use a soft, calm voice when talking to them, and be affectionate.

Take care with the travel crate

Some cats become immediately terrified as soon as they catch sight of a travel crate, fearing a trip to the vet or some other unpleasant experience. If this is your cat, keep it hidden away until the last second. Whether your cat gets stressed seeing the crate or not, keep them calm during travel by putting one or two familiar items inside, like toys and blankets.

Try a pheromone treatment

There are a number of pheromone-based treatments on the market that have been shown to de-stress cats in a lot of situations. They can be really useful when something unfamiliar or unpleasant is happening, but you should use them in conjunction with the other tips on this list, not simply relying on them alone.

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